Quality Assurance

At FlightFab, Inc. we understand the need for a process driven manufacturing system. Our system, based on ISO 9000-2000 standards, encompasses all of our departments so every job is tracked with full traceability.

Every purchase order we receive is turned into a FlightFab sales order. Each sales order item is then turned into a discreet job order. The following is an example of a typical Production Floor Traveler that follows each job order.

All purchased or stock materials that become part of the product are tracked via the parts list. Purchase numbers, lot numbers and other important traceability items for purchased materials are linked to the job order. All of these items are included in an acceptance data package (ADP) that is stored in the job file after completion.

In process and final inspections are accomplished in our quality control department. A state of the art coordinate measuring machine and hand inspection equipment are used to perform up to 100% part inspection. The results of these inspections are also included in the ADP. Digital photographs of the parts are available to the customer upon request.