High-tech aerospace and commercial products are typically very complex due to the wide variety of services necessary for completion. FlightFab was created to meet these complicated needs by offering our customers a one-stop solution to your most complicated problems.

We have created a flexible manufacturing environment within FlightFab to take advantage of our in house capabilities such as two, three, and four axis CNC milling; CNC turning; manual machining; CMM inspection; and faster insertion.

We also have developed strategic relationships with area vendors that have substantial expertise in specific areas such as EDM machining, welding, plating and painting. These vendors understand our customer's needs and were chosen for their responsiveness and attention to detail.

The following are some of the attributes of parts that we manufacture for our existing customers either solely in house or with support from our strategic vendors:

Full 3 and 4 Axis milling - Three dimensional surfaces for molds and complicated features; Helical features.

Heat Treated and Thermally Cycled parts - Heat treating of various alloys; Stress relief; Cryogenically cycled treatments.

Many types of aerospace and commercial metals -
Aluminum; Titanium, Stainless Steel; Alloy steels; High Temperature Nickel Alloys; BeCu; Cold Rolled Steel; Others.

Many types of aerospace and commercial plastics and composites -
G10; G11; Delrin™; Nylon™; Ultem™; Hydlar™; Graphite

Sizes up to 40" x 24" x16" Milling and 12" diameter turning. (Larger capacities available)

Full 3 and 4 Axis milling

Platings including -
Anodizing (all types including hard coat and titanium); Chromate conversion; Masking capability; passivation; Aeroglaze™ painting; epoxy painting.

Fastener insertions -
All types of helical inserts including tangless and phosphor bronze; PEM™ type nuts; rivets and others.

We are familiar with most aerospace manufacturing requirements. Please call with any questions.

CNC Milling
Multi Axis Positioning
Machining From
Drawing or Cad File

3D Surfacing

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.0001 Tolerances
Titanium/Stainless Steel/ Aluminum
Acme Threads
CNC Turning
4th Axis Machining

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Mil-Spec Platings/Anodize, Chem Film, Masking Paint
Aerospace Enclosures
6061-T601 Aluminum
EDM (wire and Ram)
Pin and Helicoil Insertion


Non Destructive Examination
Satellite Structures
7075-T7 Aluminum
Large Parts - 48"x20"x16"
Complex Tolerancing


Aerospace Plastics
Composites/G10, G11
.0001 Tolerance

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