Our Company

FlightFab Inc. was created to supply responsive manufacturing and design services to the aerospace and commercial engineering community. With over 40 years in Aerospace and Commercial manufacturing, our staff is well prepared to support your project.

Our focus is on quality, speed and cost control. We strive to understand the complexities of your project, whether it is a combination of schedule and cost, cost and scope - or all three combined, our processes are set up to be responsive to your particular needs.

We are accustomed to meeting schedules of different degrees. We often deliver "Space Flight" quality hardware overnight or over a weekend. We try to keep machinery available at all times to meet emergency needs.

Our highly trained staff is well suited to handle jobs of varying degrees. We often simply "machine to print" but we will also offer design and manufacturing services for the complete or partial project.

In addition to our personnel's expertise, we apply the latest hardware and software solutions to your problems. We have a variety of computer-aided design and manufacturing packages at our disposal and our computerized machinery incorporates the latest controls for increased capability which in turn leads to a decrease in cost and a decrease in lead time.

"We want to make your problem - our problem". As president of FlightFab, I can assure you that we will take your project as seriously as you do.

-David J. Reichenthal